What Can Cause A Steady Thumping Sound In A Central Air Conditioner?

Central air conditioners are meant to seem silent inside your home and to only make a moderate amount of noise when you're standing outside right next to the condensing unit. While the unit isn't meant to be completely silent everywhere, you should still not hear loud noises or recurring thumping sounds. What can cause a steady thumping sound in a central air conditioner? Condensing Unit: Debris The condensing unit has a grated cover that allows for vital air circulation within the unit. Read More 

Signs Of Hot Water Heater Problems

Your hot water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. Without it, you can't take showers or properly wash your dishes. If the temperature of the water coming out of your hot water heater drops too low, you can have dangerous bacterial growth in the tank. This is why keeping an eye out for signs of problems with your water heater so you can address them is so important. Read More